ComSite LLC.

Site Acquisition

Put Our Site Acquisition Team to Work For You

Your project requires a great deal a great deal of attention. Let our team of seasoned professionals help you meet your deadlines and goals. With the services we offer, we can manage and complete your project once the RF design is in place through zoning & permitting.

Acquisition - Zoning - Permitting

ComSite, LLC has extensive experience in all facets of the entitlement work to get sites turned over to construction for a variety of site types.  These site types include new builds (raw land, collocations, and roof tops), site modifications/carrier adds, and small cell (within the right-of-way and private property). Our site acquisition services include but are not limited to:

New Builds:

  • Search Ring Analysis

  • Candidate Identification

  • Lease Negotiations

  • Obtaining Required Easements

  • Zoning

  • Permitting

Small Cell:

  • Candidate Identification

  • Determining Pole Owners

  • Working with Local Jurisdictions

  • Leasing

  • Permitting

Site Modifications/Carrier Adds:

  • Lease/Amendment Reviews

  • Zoning & Permitting Reviews

  • Application Preparation & Submittal

  • Amendment Negotiations

  • Zoning

  • Permitting

Additional Services:

  • Feasibility Reports for Areas or a Single Property

  • File Reviews

  • Lease Audits

  • Development Consulting