ComSite LLC.

Engineering and Construction

Quality Designs & Service

ComSite Engineering helps you stay competitive in the marketplace with our designs and services. Our engineering and construction management team holds Professional Engineering (PE) licenses in numerous states. Our engineering team has the ability to move quickly while not sacrificing quality.

Engineernig and Construction Services

Let our team use its experience and skills to enhance your wireless site project. Our engineering and construction management services include but are not limited to:


  • Site Design & Layout

  • Tower & Mount Mapping

  • Structural Reports

  • Tower Modification Designs

  • Zoning Drawings

  • Construction Drawings

  • Post Modification Inspections

  • Power & HVAC Calculations

Construction Management:

  • Field Audits

  • Project Bidding

  • Overseeing General Contractors

  • Post Installation Inspections


  • Carrier Adds

  • New Site Builds

  • Tiger Teams

  • Tower Audits/Inspections

  • Mappings

  • Tower Steel Modifications